CHWC Episode 77

In this podcast we press play on The OC episode at 1:31.

"Chicken lovers unite!"

CHWC Fact Sheet

All the deets for episode 77.

CHWC Episode 77 Info

  • Podcast Length: 47
  • The OC Starts at 1:31
  • Guest: no guest this time
  • Hosts:
    • Brian Durkin
    • Joe Messina
    • Max Barth

The Avengers Synopsis

Ryan does underground cage fighting. Summer has settled in at Brown. Julie is in denial about Marissa's death. Taylor may or may not be in France.

The Avengers Quick Facts

  • Season: 4
  • Episode: 1
  • Air Date: 11/2/2006

For more information about this episode check out the fan wiki entry.

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