CHWC Episode 43

In this podcast we press play on The OC episode at 0:54.

"Only Caleb gets to call me Sanford because he won’t not."

CHWC Fact Sheet

All the deets for episode 43.

CHWC Episode 43 Info

  • Podcast Length: 46
  • The OC Starts at 0:54
  • Guest: Kyle Harris
  • Hosts:
    • Brian Durkin
    • Joe Messina
    • Max Barth

The Blaze of Glory Synopsis

Alex is jealous of Ryan. Something happens with a dude named Carter.

The Blaze of Glory Quick Facts

  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 16
  • Air Date: 3/17/2005

For more information about this episode check out the fan wiki entry.

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