CHWC Episode 28

In this podcast we press play on The OC episode at 1:51.

"Are you doing that thing where you think that I’m ignoring you, so you start speaking gibberish to see if I’m listening?"

CHWC Fact Sheet

All the deets for episode 28.

CHWC Episode 28 Info

  • Podcast Length: 45
  • The OC Starts at 1:51
  • Guest: no guest this time
  • Hosts:
    • Brian Durkin
    • Joe Messina
    • Max Barth

The Distance Synopsis

Ryan gets a job working in the construction industry, Sandy implores Seth to return to Orange County. Summer tries to live with Seth’s absence and Marissa does not like her mom.

The Distance Quick Facts

  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 1
  • Air Date: 11/4/2004

For more information about this episode check out the fan wiki entry.

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