OC Fan Theories

Summer Theory - A post-Modern Durkian view in which the character of Summer Roberts does not, per se, exist. Rather she is the uexpressed id of her contemporaries made flesh, bound by dream and plot to serve and explain a society to itself. Like the Sixth Sense but stupid. Brooding Scale - In which the length of Ryan Cooper's shirtsleeves directly correlates to the likelihood of violent conflict at a teenage upper-crust pool party. I.e if he's dressed for Chino, get out of the way.

Drinking Rules

Looking for a fun drinking game tied to The OC? During the course of this podcast we came up with several rules. If you want to play along (and be responsible), then adhere to these rules.. Drink any time Mrs. Cohen has a drink. Another fun rule is old tech: any time you see old technology like a flip phone on the show. Whenever the show plays a promoted song take a drink. And for those with high tolerance, drink any time a character opens a scene by saying, "Hey".

About the Creators

On an autumn morning in 2016 comedian Max Barth texted comedian Joe Messina: “Do you want to do a podcast? you have to say yes before I tell you what it is though." Joe agreed, but they needed help. Enter Brian Durkin who had the technical knowledge and gear to produce a podcast. Over the next two years the boys watched every single episode of The OC (sometimes with guests). Brian recorded and edited the podcast, plus built this beautiful website. On August 5th, 2018 (the 15-year anniversary of The OC), the boys dropped over 75 hours of OC commentary in podcast form. As Sandy Cohen would say, "Wow. That's a lot of cream cheese."

What is the CHWC Podcast?

The acronym stands for California Here We Come, based on the theme song for The OC. The podcast is a show where three guys watch every episode of the TV show The OC. This is not your normal TV review podcast. They boys don't watch and episode and then talk about it. They record themselves watching an episode live. Each podcast episode has a countdown where the listener can press play on the same The OC episode and sync up. That way the podcast acts like a DVD commentary track.

Curious to know more about this podcast and the format? Start listening to some episodes.


All individual episode links for CHWC podcast.

The OC Season 1 EP 1-8

  1. Premiere
  2. The Model Home
  3. The Gamble
  4. The Debut
  5. The Outsider
  6. The Girlfriend
  7. The Escape
  8. The Rescue

The OC Season 1 EP 22-27

  1. The L.A.
  2. The Nana
  3. The Proposal
  4. The Shower
  5. The Strip
  6. The Ties That Bind

Season 1 Full Playlist

Want binge listen to season one of CHWC Podcast? We got you covered.

Season 2 Full Playlist

Jump into all the episodes from season 2 of th CHWC Podcast.

The OC Season 3 EP 1-6

  1. The Aftermath
  2. The Shape of Things to Come
  3. The End of Innocence
  4. The Last Waltz
  5. The Perfect Storm
  6. The Swells

The OC Season 3 EP 19-25

  1. The Day After Tomorrow
  2. The Dawn Patrol
  3. The College Try
  4. The Party Favor
  5. The Man of the Year
  6. The Graduates
  7. The Avengers

Season 3 Full Playlist

The CHWC podcast season 3 playlist.

The OC Season 4 EP 14-16

  1. The Shake Up
  2. The Night Moves
  3. The End's Not Near, It's Here

Season 4 Full Playlist

Join the CHWC podcast gang for the final season of The OC. We've lost important characters. We've gain a few. Either way you need to keep listening without taking a break.

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